Tuesday, November 13, 2012

limerick poem

WALT write a limerick  with the correct rhyming and rhythm pattern

There was an old man named leary.

Who dreamed he was a fairy

He woke at nigth

Feeling terrble brigth

So he went to collect some berries.

metaphor poem

WALT use  metaphors in poems.

He is a dolphin 
swimming swiftly in the water .

He is a monkey
swing from tree to
tree  .

he is a cheeta
running as fast as 
a bullet .

he is a lion
killing with his
razor sharp claws.

He is a bear
ripping his prey to bits

In his kingdom killing others.
  He is a prince.


Athletic assess

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Athletic sport poem

WALT...use poetic verse to recount a memory.

The Athletic sports were usual enough; They had 
the high jump, the long jump, the long distance run,
 the tiring and exhausting sprints . my friends, my class mates and i
did what boys do -lay down on the 
soft grass,made an effot to qualify for zones, ran as fast as a mad man ,hurled the shot like valerie adams tring to win,tired
 as if we had ran a maraton, ran or fired 
just tring to keep fit, 
doing nothing important .

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Holiday In Blenheim

      My Holiday In Blenheim

In the first school holidays in 2012 my mum,brothers and I were so excited about going to my auntie’s in blenheim so we rushed to the car like a jet plane zooming across the sky to its destination.

When we arrived I ran around the garden. I felt like a monkey swing from vine to vine a colossal jungle filled with fruit, berry trees and flowers.

We went in to my auntie new house,it looked like a castle filled with electronics inside. I was so amazed! my auntie told my brothers and I that we were going to sleep in a tent . The tent was as gigantic as my mum’s room.

On the first night we heard  lots of possums. The next day we went fishing. My mum caught a crayfish carcass. Apart from that we didn’t catch anything.

It was on the third sparkly night that the fun began. We roasted marshmallows on a bonfire we stayed up to midnight blowing bubbles and eating marshmallows. The moon was like a sparkly disco ball shining in the night sky .

In the morning we had to leave but I didn’t want to go.
We had so much fun.

By  Oliver Burgess

What: WALT recount our experiences,thoughts and feelings in a way that is interesting to our readers.

So What: We had to write about a journey that we went on.
then we put interesting words in our storys.

Now What: now were doing a story about a challenging time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Canterbury Panels

WALT: Make up our own symbols about our local area.

So What: We used rotation, translation and reflection of koru patterns to represent parts of Canterbury.  I drew koru patterns in the river to represent the waves.
I learned how to draw koru pattens to make them look like waves in the water.

Next Step: My next step is to not rush and to do my work neater .

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


What: WALT use strategies to deepen our vocabulary knowledge

So What: we have been learing to answer questions with full sentences.

Now What: my next step is that i need to put more informaion into my sentences.