Friday, July 12, 2013

 Antarctica is the south pole not many animals live there because it is to cold for some animals to live there.


There are many Carnivores in Antarctica eg Killer Whales, Emperor Penguins, Leopard Seals and more
If Carnivores disappeared  Herbivores  and Omnivores would flourish and eat all the producers consequently there would be no food for Scavengers .Carnivores help the producers by keeping the population of herbivores and Omnivores down.


Some Herbivores are eg Krill,Fish and more . If the Herbivores disappeared Producers would multiply and there wouldn't b as much food for Carnivores and Scavengers  Herbivores keep the population of producers down so they don't thrive.


Some Producers are Licher, Algae and more. If Producers disappeared there wouldn't be any food for Herbivores so they would die then there wouldn't be as much food for Carnivores  and not as much food for Omnivores but more food for Scavengers .


Most Scavengers in Antarctica are birds eg Skuas, Bull Mut, Sheet and more. If Scavengers disappeared there would be dead animals all over the ground and the other animals would get sick and die. Scavengers stop the other from getting sick by eating the dead animals  


Some Omnivores are Phytoplankton, Mutts and more If Omnivores disappeared there would be less food for Carnivores and Scavengers also they provide food for Carnivores and keep the population of producers down 

 Omnivores, Herbivores, Producers, Scavengers and Carnivores playa big role in Antarctica.

I think I'm relational because i can explain what would happen if a food chain group wen't missing 

My Maths

Im relational because i can use the strategy to get the correct answers.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Discovery With The Kakano Team

 Today our class did discovery with the kakano team which is the year's 1-3 .
Our focus was participating and contributing.
I did sketching in room 23 with my buddies i drew star's , balloon's and more. 
there was many thing's to do, all the teacher's set up stuff to do in there class's like lego, sketching , jump jam and many more. Next time i would like to do jump jam because it would be fun with my buddy.