Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Cartoon Drawing

WALT I can create a cartoon using cartoon techniques

I am Multistructuetural because I can apply several relevant 
techniques in my cartoons I draw. eg add texture, sketch outline lightly
and add details later and take your time.  

My next step is to be Relational because I need to use the best 
techniques that suit the cartoon I am drawing.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Huntsman Spider

                               The Huntsman Spider

Huntsman Spiders scientific name is sparassidae
and the Arachnid class.
There's 1009 type's of Huntsman Spider's 
and 94 are in New Zealand.


The Huntsman Spider doesn't 
have a specific area, it has 
a wandering habitat 
Also it can be found in car's and house's. 


The Huntsman Spider run's down it's prey
The Huntsman does this because it's
a really fast runner in addition
Huntsman Spider's have venom 
they use to immobilise prey but aren't
dangerous to healthy  human's further more
Huntsman Spider's can go long periods' 
without food , if bitten it will cause a bit of pain
and some swelling.    


 Huntsman Spider's protect them self by
immobilising predator's by bitting them.
When Huntsman Spider's bite the predator 
they inject Poison into them which immobilise's 

In conclusion Huntsman Spider's have adapted to their enviroment
to be a hunter due to it's long leg's and visou's personality.


   By Oliver

I am Extended Abstract because vi can summarise how it's physical characteristics are adapted for it's habitat.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Mid Term Reflection

What have i improved on this term?
I have improved on my cartoons.

What would i like to improve on for the rest of the term?
I would like to improve on focusing on my work and not talking people.