Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why i think World War 2 has had the most affect on NZ

Death, Hitler, Nazis, Tanks and Bombs what do these things have in common? 
They're all in World War 2.
World War 2 has had the most effect on NZ.
It is the most gruesome  war of all time. 
It has had the most deaths of all the wars.
The war effected the economy greatly the weapons jobs etc.
The environment and rationing the pollution and smoke.
The mood of people left behind scared, worried, sad. 

There was a total of 63,185,000
people killed in World War 2 as in World War 1 
There was only 5,142,631 deaths 
a lot of the bodys couldn't be identified because the flame throwers and 
bombs would of disfigured them.

 Environment And Resources  
There were a lot more Tanks and Flame Throwers to pollute the air.
Because of petrol shortages people converted cars to use coal as fuel.
Then the coals smoke polluted the air.
Everybody was rationing food because there wasn't enough to go around 
it was hard for people to make nutritious meal 
so it was easier for children and elderly to get sick and 
it was harder for them to recover.

 there wasn't many jobs after the war.
They had to spent more money on WW2 then WW1 because there was more troops.

worried or scared if there son husband of friend went to war
or sad if they died in the war. They were tired because most women had to do 2 jobs.

In conclusion World War 2 has had the most effect on NZ even today.